Lecture Videos

The keynotes presented at Neuroinformatics 2011 are available for online viewing.

We apologize for the substandard quality of the sound, caused by technical issues with the sound setup. We have therefore decided to only publish the recordings of the five keynote lectures.

View these lectures and more on INCF's channel on YouTube  Watch on YouTube

Keynote lectures

  • Terry Sejnowski
    Exploring the hippocampal microconnectome
  • Allan Jones
    The Allen Brain Atlas: A suite of tools and data for exploring the mammalian CNS
  • Kim "Avrama" Blackwell
    Dynamical spatial models of signaling pathways underlying synaptic plasticity
  • Ed Callaway
    Rabies-based tools for elucidating neural circuits and linking connectivity to function
  • Shin Ishii
    Modeling and simulations of neuronal morphology



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Congress videos
The keynote lectures presented at Neuroinformatics 2011 are now available for online viewing.

View these lectures and more on INCF's channel on YouTube  Watch on YouTube
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