BIRN lunch seminars

The Biomedical Informatics Research Network (BIRN) provides data-sharing expertise and infrastructure to the biomedical community and will be hosting concurrent informational seminars on Tuesday September 6 in each of its areas of expertise. A complimentary box lunch will be provided for those registering for these seminars.

The goal of the Biomedical Informatics Research Network is to enable the sharing of biomedical data between interested researchers.  These researchers may be members of a collaboration or simply the scientific public.  The BIRN forms partnerships with groups to provide resources in data management and movement, data security, information integration from disparate sources, and knowledge engineering. It also provides capabilities for managing and analyzing genetic data and the creation of general, customizable workflows.

BIRN will be hosting a set of three concurrent seminars at the Neuroinformatics 2011 Congress during the lunch hour on Tuesday, September 6, 2011.  A complimentary box lunch will be provided for all participants. The topics of the talks will be:

1) Data Management, Movement, and Security
2) Information Integration and Knowledge Engineering
3) Genetic Data and Workflows

1) The Data Management, Movement, and Security presentation will cover examples of BIRN's success in constructing software-based data-sharing infrastructure that allows the movement of data from one site to another quickly and securely.  In addition, BIRN's security capabilities will be discussed and examples will be provided showing how users and groups can be managed within this framework.

2) The Information Integration and Knowledge Engineering presentation will discuss capabilities that allow users to search for data across heterogeneous data stores and how the experimental design can be used to inform the database design.

3) The Genetic Data and Workflows presentation will center around BIRN's capabilites to manage, process, and store genetic data and highlight some example workflows that have been constructed for various user groups.

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